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What is PolishList.org?

PolishList.org is a new initiative being undertaken by the American Polish Advisory Council. a Washington DC-based, bipartisan non-profit which strives to engage Polish Americans in the political process. The project will be an online database of Polish American elected officials as well as candidates for office. A comprehensive and easily accessible list of Polish Americans holding elected office does not currently exist. The dynamic and free database will enable the Polish American community to identify and build stronger relationships with Polish American politicians and those who share our Polish heritage. It will also facilitate access to information on Polish Americans seeking elected positions so that we can support their efforts and continue to increase the presence of Polish Americans holding elected office.

How will it work?

PolishLisLorg will be an easy-to-use database which will be searchable by name, location or office held. Searchable criteria. for example, can include key words such as Mikulski, US Senate or Maryland All of which would pull up Senator Barbara Mikulski. Broader searches, such as those based on a particular state, would pull up a list ofall Polish American office holders in that state. The database will also include candidates for office and past office holders.

A profile will be associated with each name in the database and will include basic biographical and contact information as well as links to the individual's webpage or social media profiles.

When will it launch?

The American Polish Advisory Council has begun a campaign within the Polish American community to raise $10,000 to help cover the costs associated with this unprecedented initiative. Work will commence once half of that sum is raised and the database will go live within two months of that date.

Once live, the list will be continuously updated and users will be encouraged to help us ensure that elected officials at all levels of government are included in the database.

How can I help?

You can help us launch this exciting initiative by supporting our fundraising efforts in any amount. We welcome other Polish American organizations, businesses and media outlets to partner with us. Your support will he acknowledged and your organization's name will be prominently displayed on PolishList.org.

Contributions to the project can be made by:

Check: Please issue to American Polish Advisory Council and mail to:

Edward L. Rowny, President
6200 Oregon Ave NW #345
Washington, DC 20015

Credit Card: Contributions can be processed by credit card via the DONATE link at www.apacouncil.info.


You can learn more about PolishList.org or our many other initiatives by contacting Darek Barcikowski, Executive Director at 617-869-0601 or via email (use the form below)

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