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Polish minister vows to end ‘privileged treatment’ of foreign firms

Education and Science Minister Jarosław Gowin Wikimedia Commons / Piotr Drabik Education and Science Minister Jarosław Gowin

Education and Science Minister Jarosław Gowin has told foreign investors that the government will end what he perceives as privileged treatment towards them.

“[Foreign investors] will be welcomed with open arms, however they must expect to no longer be treated in a privileged way as was the case until now, but will compete with Polish firms under fairer regulation,” he said.
“We are supportive of economic patriotism. We will fight above all for the interests of Polish firms. This is how every government of a nation state should act. This does not mean that we have any delusions about economic autarky though. We need foreign investors,” explained Gowin.

The minister made his comments to journalists following a meeting with members of the American Chamber of Commerce in Poland, which represents over 300 companies.

“I am very happy about how the meeting went. My presence here, and also the way in which American investors reacted to the announcement of our government’s economic plans is evidence that there will be good relations between this government and the world of business and foreign investment,” Gowin commented on the meeting.

Last year Poland was revealed to be third in Europe in terms of the number of jobs created by FDI (Foreign Direct Investment), in particular for back-office activities for big corporations which accounted for almost a quarter of the jobs created.

In late January, the government revealed details of forthcoming legislation that will introduce more stringent taxing of large retailers. The government argues that the bill will protect smaller businesses.


Story published at: Radio Poland (via PAP)

Oct 21 2015

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